Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sony Cybershot DSC-W350

As posted on my review:

"Sony DSC-W350 14.1MP Digital Camera with 4x Wide Angle Zoom with Optical Steady Shot Image Stabilization and 2.7 inch LCD (Blue)
I bought my first Sony Cybershot in 2005 - it cost me $100 and it lasted just shy of three years. So in December of 2007 when I went to replace it I looked at many different kinds: more advanced cameras, that didn't fit the kids-concert-park-beach-camping lifestyle I live. I needed something small and fast. I tried the Coolpix and the FinePix cameras because they we in the price range and they had similar features. None of those cameras come close to the performance of a Cybershot. In the end I bought my second Cybershot. That one didn't last as long, though I have to admit it was put through A LOT. I literally tossed the little camera in my purse. It's been assaulted by pens, lipstick, spilt lotion and left in the well-over-108^ car, until finally that camera bit the big one after only being alive two years.
`Kayso, on to the DSC-W350 - AWESOME! It takes pictures fast - and by that I mean the time between actually pushing the shutter and getting the picture is practically non-existent. It really bothers me when taking pictures of our kids or our ani-babies and by the time the shot it taken the shot was ruined. NOT WITH THIS CAMERA! HA! Charges last fairly a long time; I however will not be without a car charger and a spare battery, that's just me. Pictures are sharp and color is true! While it could take a picture or two to get used to the panoramic this is nothing to worry about, I found using this feature EASY! [On a side note about the color, I got the blue as all my cameras have been blue and I was pleasantly surprised that the blue is a much richer, truer blue than the screen lets on.]
Will be using the video to review my Flip tonight (`cause I can't vlog a flip review using the Flip, duh! Will update after I have some pictures to upload! Hope this helped."

Panoramic:On the food setting:Quick picture of my Dalmador baby, out growing her kennel:A video to show the video quality and that it can ZOOM in and out will filming!

To be added:
"Get to know the DSC-W350" shot with my Flip Ultra.

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